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Slips, Trips, & Falls

Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries in Los Angeles, CA

Falls can happen inside or outside a building and be caused by uneven floors, debris, poor lighting, potholes, ice, snow, or other hidden hazards. A "slip and fall," or "trip and fall," accident occurs where someone is injured by slipping or tripping and falling due to a dangerous condition on a premise. Although falls are most commonly associated with people over the age of 65, anyone can have a falling accident. Contact the Law Office of Scott Bradley Dormer for slip, trip & fall injuries in Los Angeles, CA.

Fall Injuries in Los Angeles, CA

Falls Are Serious

The National Safety Council says falls are the leading cause of nonfatal injuries treated in the emergency room, with nearly eight million people treated for fall-related injuries in 2001. In 2002, more than 14,000 people died from falls from one level to another or on the same level.

Studies show that 60 percent of all falls are related to slipping or tripping, with such likely causes as a foreign object on the walking surface, a design flaw in the walking surface, a slippery surface caused by weather, a spill, or a person's impaired physical or mental condition.

Who’s Responsible?

Just because you slipped or tripped and fell on someone's property, that doesn't make them automatically responsible for your injury. Property owners have a "duty of care" to make sure that their property is safe; however, they are not guarantor's of your safety.

In any case involving slip, trip, or fall injuries, we must establish that there was a dangerous or defective condition on the property that caused the fall. That's usually the easy part. We must also show that the property owner (or possessor) knew about the defect before the accident or should have known about it because the defect existed on the property for a long enough time for them to have discovered it. This is the more difficult part and involves a review of business records and analysis of the actual slip area itself.

Many slip and fall or trip and fall accidents also focus on the conduct of the person who fell. The most common argument made by the defense is that the plaintiff was not watching where they were going and, had they been more attentive, would not have fallen. This point must be addressed in any slip and fall case.

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