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Dog & Animal Bites

Choose an Assertive Dog Bites Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Dogs are faithful companions. They offer affection, friendship, and contribute to the greater well-being of many proud owners. However, sometimes their instincts take over, and when they do, it can leave victims of an attack physically hurt and psychologically traumatized. At the Law Offices of Scott Bradley Dormer, we understand the emotional and physical pain that a dog attack can bring. Seek counsel from our dog bites attorney in Los Angeles, CA, to gain a fair shot at earning the compensation you deserve.

Statistics show that every year aggressive dogs bite more than 500,000 people, killing an average of 12 individuals. Most dog bite victims are children. Visit our personal injury law office for representation a team of zealous advocates if you've been bitten or otherwise attacked by an animal. During your initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to explain how the attack happened. Everything you share with our legal team will be instrumental in building a strong case in your defense. Request our legal services to start developing your case today.

Learn More About Strict Liability

California follows a "strict liability" theory which states that the dog owner is responsible for any damage caused by their animal, regardless of whether their dog has bitten anyone else. State law also provides "strict liability" on owners of some exotic pets or wild animals. The most important details concerning dog bites or other animal incidents include where the incident occurred, who owns the animal, and whether the person has insurance to cover the injuries.

Our dog bites attorney will carefully analyze the circumstances of your case to make a strong claim on your behalf. If we can demonstrate that the owner knew that the dog was dangerous but failed to prevent an avoidable altercation, it will go a long way in building your case.

Begin the Healing Process with Our Dog Bites Attorney

Even animals with no history of aggression can suddenly bite someone. While the owner may not have intended for their dog to attack you, they are still responsible for any damages you’ve received as a result. If you or someone you know has been injur meet with our dog bites attorney to assess the circumstances of the incident. Our skilled ed due to a dog attack, seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Afterward, representatives will give you the best possible chance of recovering full and fair compensation for the attack and help you put the event behind you.

Contact our dog bite attorney to seek compensation for your injuries. We proudly serve clients in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding areas.

Dog & Animal Bite Cases in Los Angeles, CA